Full festival pass: €150 / person.

Group entry (4 or more passes): €120 / person.
The sale of group entry is limited.

After purchasing the festival pass, you will be sent the registration form.

Detailed information about the festival programme and the participation infopack will be sent to all participants no later than 1 June 2023.

When purchasing tickets, it is necessary to fill in the following personal data: first name, last name, e-mail, phone number (in case of group tickets, please include the personal data of all pilgrims from the group in the note).

The personal data of the pilgrims will be used exclusively for communication between the event organizer and the participants. For more information, please see Privacy Policy.

Full festival pass includes:

  • access to the entire artistic programme: approximately 40 artistic productions (installations, performances, concerts, etc.) along the festival route.
  • a map of the complete festival route with the locations and times of all artistic events and installations marked, as well as the points of interest along the route such as monuments, sights, natural phenomena, etc.
  • campsites for overnight accommodation for 4 nights (Dudince, Sebechleby-Stará Hora, Baďan, and Bátovce), where festival participants can pitch their tents.
  • mobile showers and toilets available on-site for overnight stays.
  • breakfast for 4 days.
  • small snacks (fruit) and drinking regime throughout the route (mineral water, tank with drinking water).
  • local food producers and food trucks along the route where travellers will be able to buy lunch and dinner.
  • unguarded parking lot for cars in the starting destination (Dudince) for the entire duration of the festival, 4 days.
  • shuttle service at the end of the festival back to the parked vehicles.
  • daily collection of sleeping bags, tents, and other luggage and their transport.
  • in case of storms or bad weather, provision of alternative overnight accommodation – community centres, rectories, municipal offices, etc. (in the participants´ own sleeping bags)